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Spend Time With Elle

I adore spending time with a true gentleman. My love language is quality time. I will give you my undivided attention during our time together. Developing a connection is my priority and that can not be achieved if our time is rushed. Let's have a deep conversation, have a laugh, and see where it goes. We can hang out in my upscale private apartment or I can come to you.

All new friends must fill out a booking form and most importantly, be screened. If you are already using verification services like P411 or PD then please fill out my booking form and send me a screen request through your profile. 

If you are not on any verification service platform, please fill out my booking form below. I require two recent provider references. Recent meaning the last six months. If you do not have recent references we can screen through your employment, discreetly of course. LinkedIn profile is not enough but it definitely helps. 

The more information you provide me, the easier it is for me to get this process done quickly. It's boring lol so let's get it over with and have some fun.

You will find my booking form below. Also please take some time to read the etiquette section so you can be well prepared for our time together. Looking forward to getting to know you. 



1 | Two provider references




2 | If you don't have any provider's references then your Employment Information. The name of your company and the phone number. You may also email from your WORK EMAIL to my unpublished email address




3 | Your verification Handle (P411 & PD) .  Send a prescreen request via this avenue.


Please keep in mind that all your personal information will be handled with respect and discretion.  Please respect mine as well.

How Do I Spend Time With You?

elle xo




60 Min of fun.


3 Hours of Bliss

-including meal


90 Min of fun.


4 Hours of Bliss

-including meal


2 Hours of fun


$500 + parking

60 Min of fun.

$1300 + parking

3 Hours of Bliss

-including meal

$600 + parking

90 Min of fun.

$1700 + parking

4 Hours of Bliss

-including meal

$900 + parking

2 Hours of fun

Outcall Outside of Orange County? Inquire with area of meet up location and we will discuss.

Custom Time frame or Social event? Inquire with length of visit and type of social event.

*3 or more hour dates must include a meal, either at my place or in the wild.*

Booking Form

Message sent. Looking forward to meeting you!




Upon arrival I will invite you in to sit. Please leave the donation on the kitchen counter with the flowers straight away.  I will count it and ensure it is not counterfeit.  At this time you can excuse yourself to the restroom to freshen up.  I will have clean towels and sundries for you to use to do so if you need it.  


Please arrive well groomed and brushed teeth. I am sensitive to smells. You are welcome to use my restroom to do so if need be.  


Please arrive on time. If you are running late, please communicate this with me as soon as possible. 

I prefer to spend my time with gentlemen that have impeccable manners. Please act accordingly.


I love to receive gifts.  You can find some ideas here xo







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